Presentation skills

One-to-one coaching and group workshops for people who need to deliver strong presentations that have relevance and impact.

  • To create a positive impression at interview
  • When presenting ideas, results and gaining support at work
  • In a sales situation when pitching for new business
  • When giving keynote speeches

Tailored for specific people and situations, our presentation skills training ensures effective communication at all levels and focuses on

  • Inner confidence and managing nervous energy
  • Body language and non-verbal signals
  • Understanding and interacting with your audience
  • Delivering your message with clarity
  • Timing for maximum impact

Client Quotes

'Really helpful for all kinds of presentations, meetings and even discussions. Easy concept, easy to understand and to handle. Excellent trainers'

Christine. Product Manager

'Great course. Excellent structure, lots of opportunity to practise'

Graham. HR Director

'Fantastic two days training. I thought I knew how to present but this workshop has improved my skills and given me new ways to present that are easy to do and has tremendous impact'

Tony. Finance Manager