Performance and business coaching for senior managers and directors.

Our confidential one-to-one coaching encourages and allows senior people to perform at their best and achieve their potential

  • In their current role
  • During their first 90 days in a new role – whether as an external or internal appointment

Delivered off site, our totally independent support provides a safe and secure environment in which the individual, with the aid of their coach, can

  • Assess their current situation and set goals
  • Assess and develop their skills and strengths
  • Address any issues or areas of concern
  • Become more self aware and develop strategies to move forward
  • Look at options and take responsibility for planning and implementing actions to achieve their goals

Coaching is highly effective both in supporting good people to become great performers and in troubleshooting areas of under-performance.

Client Quotes

"Sally made me realise what I wanted with out telling me, she used her experience and knowledge to ask me the right questions and I then drew my own conclusions on what was important to me and what career I would like. She then followed this up with showing me the tools I needed to get there. I feel like I am now in charge of what skills I have and how to use them to get there. Without Sally I would be doing as I have always done and feeling frustrated and incapable."

Annie, Gov. Sector